Monday, 16 December 2013

meringue tops (chocolate)

I have done more experiments with meringue recipes than I care to remember and I have come to the conclusion that a healthier version of meringues is a wishful thinking (this will very likely always be the recipe with the most sugar content on the blog). There are limits to how little sugar can be used with the egg whites without ending up with something that maybe tastes like meringue but has the texture of sponge scourers. (I almost hang my head in shame when I think of some of my experiments!) Over the years I have viewed many meringue recipes and many of them come with advice. To give you some, I find it best to add the raw cane sugar gradually, not in one go, and I add just a little bit of cornflour to the sugar (I have tried baking powder, lemon juice, cream of tartar and a blend of it all). If you are new to meringue making, make sure not a trace of egg yolk goes into the mixing bowl (see tip below the method*). Despite the sugar content the taste of the meringue tops isn't over-sugary. I get six tops from the recipe and I serve them with whipped cream, fresh berries and sometimes home-made chocolate sauce as well.



  • 4 egg whites (use large free-range eggs, at room temperature)
  • 185 g organic raw cane sugar (as fine as possible)
  • ½ teaspoon cornflour
  • pinch of fine sea salt
  • for chocolate meringue tops: ½ tablespoon cocoa powder, preferably organic/fair-trade


  1. Separate the eggs
  2. Mix raw cane sugar and cornflour in a separate bowl, preferably with a handle (a measuring cup will also do)
  3. Add a pinch of salt to the mixing bowl with the egg whites and beat them until you get a slightly fluffy texture. Gradually add the sugar until the texture has become thick (the process takes me about 12 minutes)
  4. If making chocolate meringue tops, sieve over the cocoa powder and use a spatula to gently fold it through to create a marbled effect
  5. Line a baking tray with baking parchment and use a spatula to form 6 meringue tops, using slow swirling movements
  6. Bake at 125-140°C/250-275°F/gas mark ½ for about 80 minutes, then turn the oven off, open the oven door and let the meringue tops sit in the oven for another 10 minutes
  7. Serve with whipped cream and fresh berries
  8. If you want to serve the meringue tops with chocolate sauce then prepare the sauce while the tops are in the oven, as it needs to sit for an hour before serving

*If you are new to meringue making or maybe a bit clumsy then separate the eggs while they are still cold, one at a time: Use separate bowls for the egg whites and yolks. After cracking each egg, transfer the egg white from the bowl to the mixing bowl before cracking another one. If using cold eggs, cover the mixing bowl with a plastic film or a plate when you are done and wait for about 30 min. until you start beating the egg whites.
the meringue tops before going into the oven

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  1. I can not wait to try my hand at these, Lisa. I usually make desserts that contain very little sugar, and recently I've even perfected some recipes that don't require any sugar at all, but I think that from time to time we should allow ourselves to indulge on something this delicious.


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